Monday, May 27, 2013

DIY Pipolino with Sugru

My cats are overweight. When I give them dry food, they eat everything in 5 minutes. A well-known cat owner problem. Pipolino might be the solution, but it cost about 25€ ! Because it is dead simple, I decided to make my own with some sugru and a tennis ball box found in garbage. It is handy because it have a lid, and it is made of plastic.

I made a first version without sugru (Yes, a box with hole :)), but it was too noisy and my downstairs neighbour complained about it. With the sugru, that was better, and because of the small gap between the box and the floor, it works well !

Let's make a little slug...
Make it longer, about the size of the box circumference
Start rolling the rod arround the box
And here it is !

Now, you just have to drill a hole in the box ! And you have a pipolino ! With the sugru, it's less noisy, but it is still too noisy for my neighbours... :( I use it on the balcony !

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